I am delighted to report that residents pulled together in April to object to the boundary changes proposed by the Council. The proposed changes would have meant the loss of 12 roads in Tattenhams to Nork splitting Tattenham Crescent, Downs Wood and others from the shops at Tattenham Corner.

The TRA found out about the proposed changes 3 days before our AGM in March and residents who came to the AGM were stunned and appalled when they heard the proposal.

Starting the next day- we all sprang into action, with postings on social media, word of mouth and individuals reaching out to their neighbours.



RESIDENTS VOICES COUNT: The residents proposals have been accepted at this stage and the Tattenhams residents Association and Councillors have written to the Boundary Commission to express our support for the proposals.

More information can be found either in our newsletter or you can find details on the council’s website, click link :

Boundary review

The final report will be made public after the 5th October 2018

The residents assoiation has been busy with the usual activities- see below:

FIRST AID COURSES AT THE LIBRARY We had very positive feedback from residents who attended the First Aid class in the library delivered by the Red Cross. During the afternoon, the Red Cross delivered “hands on” training for: CPR, what to do in the event of burns, stroke, heavy bleeding from injuries, heart attack, choking, and how to use a defibrillator. Attendees said that their confidence levels had improved dramatically and they would be more willing to use their new skills. The course is free to Tattenhams residents, a £10 refundable deposit secures your place.

We will be running another course in the winter and if you would like to attend please contact Mandy Carle at email: downslodge@tiscali.co.uk or myself on M:07799 626596.


Development Management Plan Consultation The TRA submitted a written response commenting on parking standards and pointing out areas for improvement. We pointed out that distance from a station or bus stop is not relevant as this has no effect on car ownership. Restricting parking to reduce car ownership has been a complete failure. There has been an increase in on street parking and the previous maximum allowance of 1.5 spaces per household in inadequate. We propose that spaces should be allocated dependent on the number of bedrooms within the property. We have also proposed increases for care homes and retirement apartments.

Police Committee During our election campaigning this year we spoke to a number of residents who are concerned about the increase in crime in our area. We have always been considered a low crime area and in recent years have found it challenging to engage the local police. We have set up a sub-committee to discuss the issues and will be taking our questions to Surrey police. If you are a retired police officer and would like to take part- please get in touch with me

BUS ROUTES There will be NO CHANGES to the level of service in the following local services:318, 866,420, 460, 480, 820. There may be minor timetabling changes to the 420, 460 and 820 reflecting the level of congestion on the roads.

We are delighted to report that Cllr Bob Harper has been re-elected.

THANKYOU TO ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS WHO HELPED WITH THE ELECTIONS: Delivering, Telling and pounding the streets!

Mrs Rue Stanley       ruestanley17@gmail.com

Tattenhams Residents Successfully fight Changes to Boundary
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