Surrey County Council (Surrey CC) has taken action to reduce the costs of waste by introducing charges from the 1st April, proof of residency checks and a reduction in opening hours at County Recycling Centres (CRC’s).

This response has been prompted by a need to reduce costs and reduce abuse of the current system by some traders who have attempted to avoid paying charges- some by bringing waste in large cars! This is an inconvenience to residents who will be asked for proof of identity and residence and pay some charges for non- household waste even if brought in a car.

Local CRC’s have dedicated a member of staff to check van permits and proof of address at community recycling centres near to the border with London, where site use is restricted to Surrey residents. The checks are particularly targeted at users bringing construction waste to the sites as this type of waste most frequently arises from trade activities.

Householders maybe asked for proof of residency and identity, such as utility bills, or driving license. From the 1st April, Surrey CC will also be introducing charges for Non-household waste such as Plasterboard, refillable gas bottles and rubble in excess of 1x 25kg bag.

  • Householders are free to bring their own household waste to a Community Recycling Centre free of charge. There is no restriction on the amount that they can bring or how it is transported. The waste will be accepted whether it is in a car, van or trailer.

  • Non- household waste: Certain types of waste that arise within the home are not classified as household waste: Wastes from the construction, improvement, alteration or repair of a house and from excavations are classified as industrial waste and Surrey CC is not obliged to accept these materials free of charge. Anyone wishing to dispose of these types of materials whether a householder or a trader must pay the appropriate charge and this can only be done at a transfer station where facilities exist to weigh the waste and apply the appropriate charge.

New Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 8am-4pm        Weekends: 9am-4pm
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Surrey Introduces Changes to County Recycling Centres