DMP Reigate and BansteadThe public consultation takes place between 1st August & 10th October and all households should have received a leaflet during August. Residents are asked to comment on issues concerning: the need for new homes, housing targets, developer planning policy and parking policy. We urge residents to respond. More information can be found on the council’s website, by clicking on the attachments below or attending the exhibitions and drop in sessions.

The Development Management Plan (DMP) will revive the borough’s Core Strategy approved back in 2014. The Core Strategy set out the overall scale and broad location of growth planned up to 2027 and included high level policies. The DMP includes the detailed policies that translate into the rules for “on the ground” development, and tackle a wide range of important issues.

Green Belt Development especially concerning type and amount of development in areas of Green Belt which could be at risk. These are the so-called “urban extensions” around the edges of Horley, Redhill, Merstham and Reigate. These non-urban sites will be held in reserve and only used if absolutely necessary.

The Core Strategy commits the Borough to 460 new homes each year, and developers can only use the Green Belt if the Borough does not have a 5-year supply of identified/ approved sites available. Without the Core Strategy, developers have carte blanche.

If all the potential urban extension sites in the consultation document were to be taken out of the Green Belt, it would result in a loss of less than 1% of total Green Belt.

No Green Belt is at risk in our area north of the M25 Mainly because we are so close to Sutton, Kingston and Croydon, and our Green Belt is the first buffer to separate Surrey from London; it is therefore so much more precious and important than the countryside in the south of the borough.

Many open areas have special protection: Epsom and Walton Downs are protected by Act of Parliament. Much of Langley Bottom Farm is now owned by the Woodland Trust. The Banstead Commons including: Banstead Downs, Burgh Heath and Banstead Heath – are common land which makes it almost impossible to build on. Also, our green lungs in Nork Park and Tattenhams Recreation Ground are protected as urban open spaces.

What is planned north of the M25? In the Preston Regeneration Area 340 homes are already planned. This includes those in construction on the edges of the Merland Rise Recreation Ground, now called Preston Park (130 units), and the social housing being developed by Raven Housing Trust on their former garage and infill sites (26 units) and the former de Burgh school site (186 units) at the end of Chetwode Road.

Sites up for consultation:

  • Re-development of The Horseshoe (Banstead) area to provide improved community services, new homes and small scale retail and commercial leisure uses.
  • New development at Banstead Community Centre to provide improved community facilities and some new homes.
  • Building 35 new homes at Kingswood Station.

How does the DMP affect Tattenhams Residents? In our area, development will be ad hoc, so-called windfall speculative” development.

For more information click on the attachments below, and visit the council website to make your views known.

PDF Nork_and_Tattenhams_FINAL_DRAFT Presentation___

Powerpoint- North_of_the_Borough


Exhibitions & Drop in sessions

                    Banstead Library Exhibition: Tues 23 Aug – Sat 3 Sept

Drop in sessions: 23 Aug (5-7pm), 25 Aug (11am-2pm), 3 Sept (10am-12pm)

                    Redhill Library Exhibition: Mon 5 Sept – Fri 16 Sept

Drop in sessions: 6 Sept (5-7pm), 8 Sept (11am-2pm), 10 Sept (2-4pm)

                    Woodhatch Centre Exhibition: Mon 5 Sept – Fri 16 Sept

Drop in sessions: 10 Sept (10am-12pm), 13 Sept (5-7pm), 15 Sept (11am-2pm)

         Merstham Library/ Age Concern Exhibition: Mon 19 Sept – Fri 30 Sept (Merstham Library)

Drop in sessions: 20 Sept (5-7pm) (Age Concern, Weldon Way)

24 Sept (10am-12pm), 29 Sept (3pm-5pm) (Merstham Library)

                      Horley Library Exhibition: Tues 20 Sept – Sat 1 Oct

Drop in sessions: 22 Sept (11am-2pm), 27 Sept (5-7pm), 1 Oct (10am-12pm)

Reigate & Banstead Consults Residents on Development Management Plan