Bob Harper, Jill Bray and Nick Harrison- The Tattenhams RA team at Borough & County
Bob Harper, Jill Bray and Nick Harrison- The Tattenham Preston RA team at Borough & County

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Because of the boundary changes coming into effect with the May elections, all councillors are up for re-election. This means the number of councillors has been reduced from 54-45. Wards are larger, Tattenham Corner & Preston will have 3 councillors and represent over 4500 households.


This year, you will have the opportunity to vote for three councillors. This means you will see multiple names on the ballot paper.

The council has made no change to the annual cycle of elections- which means that the length of the councillors terms will be based on the number of votes they receive.

So for instance, if you voted for all three residents association councillors the one with the highest number would serve for three years, the next- 2 years and the third highest number of votes 1 year.

We are fortunate to have three long-term experienced and effective Residents Association councillors who are proud to live in our area and are determined to protect and improve it. Our experience is that party politics is best left out of local government. To allow them to work for the welfare and benefit of all residents I urge you to cast your vote on 2nd May.

Mrs Rue Stanley,

Chairman Tattenhams & Preston Residents



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