Tree planted 2017 vandalised tree 2 vandalised tree 3




In 2017 councillors and local people attended a ceremony in Nork Park to honour those who fought bravely for their country at Passchendaele in 1917. It was hoped that this would be both a fitting memorial and an amenity for local residents.

This week residents were shocked to see these pictures that show the area has been brutally vandalised and the tree completely destroyed. The incident has been reported to the police and we await developments, however with little hope of results.

You will be pleased to hear we are taking action- Tattenhams and Nork councillors are working together to explore options as to how the area can be repaired.

This week both Nork and Tattenhams Residents association have pledged to get our memorial restored, raising funds if needed.

Watch this space for news on what happens next.


Passchendaele 1917,Memorial Tree Destroyed