photo253_r8w21o17 Nick HarrisonTattenhams & Nork Residents Associations are supporting Nick Harrison as our candidate in the Surrey Council elections on May 4th. As our councillor Nick has been successful in securing a large portion of limited resources to re-surface 25 roads and a number of pavements in our area. Plus there’s more to come- In June the area on Reigate road at the top of Great Tattenhams will also be done.

Other local successes include: a new crossing by the shops in Tattenhams. Keeping a swimming pool at the leisure centre in Tadworth. More parking bays. Pavement repairs at the Tattenham shops.

Planning: Tattenhams Residents Association councillors represent the views and concerns of residents. They influence the outcomes of planning applications to ensure developments maintain the character of our area and intensive and detrimental development is minimised.

Education: Nick is also a Trustee of the Tattenhams library and a Governor at Shawley Community Primary School.

Finance: As an economics graduate and with 35 years business experience, Nick is highly qualified to be the chair of the council’s Budget Scrutiny panel. Where Nick scrutinises budgets in detail-exposing excess spending and highlighting ways to obtain better value.

Residents Association councillors work with the majority council as is appropriate in the interests of residents- however, where those interests are not best served we will continue to act as an opposing voice, challenging cuts that reduce services. 

Nick Harrison is an experienced (12 years) hardworking dedicated councillor with a strong track record and understands how to get things done in local government. The Tattenhams Residents Association is delighted to recommend Nick as our candidate for the Surrey County Council Election on May 4th.

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Nick Harrison can be contacted on 01737-215405 or