We hope that our website will provide a useful source of information for residents and our valued band of volunteers. Tattenhams & Preston Residents Association represents residents living in the Tattenhams & Preston Ward of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.

If you have a question about joining the residents Association as a volunteer, how to pay subscriptions or a problem that you would like help with that falls under the remit of Surrey borough or Reigate & Banstead district council

For membership enquiries or to join us as a road steward or committee member please email:

Mrs Rue Stanley:ruestanley17@gmail.com

For local issues concerning Planning, Roads, Refuse, etc please contact your local Councillors:

cllr Bob Harper email:       bob.harper@ntlworld.com

cllr Jill Bray email:             cllr.bray@reigate-banstead.gov.uk

cllr Nick Harrison email:   nicholas.harrison@surreyycc.gov.uk.

Areas of concern that can be addressed by the Residents Association:

  • Traffic problems, road improvements and public transport
  • Pavements and street lighting
  • Planning & development/greenbelt
  • Safety, crime & policing
  • Schools & libraries
  • Refuse service, fly tipping & abandoned vehicles
  • Community and social services
  • Housing
  • Parks, recreation & leisure